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Monday 17th October

L.O: To use commas in a list. 


Some sentences have commas in them. Commas look like this , and they go at the bottom on the line. 

We can put them into a sentence to separate items in a list. 

For example, my favourite foods are chocolate, ice-cream and sweets. 

We separate the chocolate and ice-cream with a comma instead if putting another 'and' in the sentence. 

Now it's your turn. Put the commas into the following sentences in the right places. Remember to check the answers in the link below. 


I will take my rain coat my umbrella and my camera. 

In my art drawer are some crayons a paint brush and some paper. 

I need to buy some milk a loaf of bread a box of cereal and a carton of eggs. 

Tigers lions and leopards are all kinds of big cats. 

On holiday, we visited the beach the museum the water park and a castle. 

Strawberries grapes apples and bananas are my favourite fruits.