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Monday 12th October

L.O: To understand apostrophes for possession. 


Last week, we looked at using apostrophes in contractions. This is where two words are blended together to make one word. For example, can not becomes can't. Can you think of any others?


This week, we are looking at how you use an apostrophe to show that one thing belongs to another. 

For example, there might be one object like a bike. When we say that the bike belongs to a man, we put an apostrophe and an "s" on the end.  For example, the man's bike. Don't forget that if you use a proper noun you need to use a capital letter. For example, Miss Parkinson's pen. 


Now you try with these objects and names. 


Miss Baldock       book

girl                       bag

dog                      lead

England               flag

child                    scooter 


The answers are in the link below.