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Monday 11th January

This week's spelling rule is adding suffixes to words ending in y.




If the root word has a vowel before the y, just add the suffix.


e.g play = play/ played / playing


If the root word has a consonant before the y, change the y to an i and then add the suffix.


e.g spy = spies / spied 




Vowels are a , e , i , o and u.


Consonants are all of the other letters in the alphabet.




Add suffixes to the following words that end in a y.


Look to see if the letter before each root word is a vowel or a consonant. 

Decide whether to just add the suffix or to change the y to and i and then add the suffix.


monkey + s = 


baby + es = 


jelly + es = 


try + ed = 


beauty + ful = 


trolley + s =


city + es = 


berry + es =


employ + ed = 


busy + ness = 




Can you think of 5 more words that end in a y and try to add a suffix to them (-ed/-ing/-ful/-ness)?