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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference


Autumn 1:

In Autumn 1, we learnt all about place value. 

This half-term, we learnt to:


Autumn 2:

In Autumn 2, we learnt how to add and subtract using the column method.

We moved on from our year 3 learning by looking at more complex ways of adding together numbers that require exchanges. 

This half-term, we learnt to:


It is important to recap what we have learnt in both Autumn 1 and Autumn 2, so that you feel confident in all mathematical areas we have covered.


Spring 1:

From January, we are beginning to look at measurement and length. Learning about measurement and length is really important when it comes to everyday life. Many jobs in today's society require you to have a basic understanding of measurement, for example: hairdressers, landscapers, carpenters and farmers. Without the ability to measure, how would we be able to conduct our science experiments?

This half-term, we are learning to:

Measurement games:


Times Tables Rockstars!

Throughout each week, try and spend ten minutes on Studio and Gig and then complete the Soundtrack to test yourself on a daily basis!

Don't forget, you want to reach Rockstar status!

Maths games!

Below are some maths worksheets that I have attached as PDF versions. Feel free to print them off at home or if you do not have a printer, copy the questions out onto paper.