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St Paul's C of E Primary School

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LEARNING to make a difference

Leavers' Book

We will be posting activities here for you to complete to create your own Leavers' book (using a yellow project book).


Each week, I will give you different ideas for pages that you could complete.

 We will also attach any old school photos here too for you to include.


A St. Paul's Leavers' tradition is to find a baby photo of yourself and then compare it to a photo of you now.

Ask your parents/carers to help you find a baby photo of you or enjoy looking back at old photos together if you have some.

If you would like to email them to share with us, we would love to see how much you have changed!




Front Cover


Colour in the following sheet (there should be a copy inside the yellow project book that you collected).

Stick it to the front cover of your Leavers' Book.



First Page - All About Me


Complete the 'All About Me' page and stick it on the first page in your Leavers' book.

Try to find a recent picture of you to add into the frame or draw a self-portrait.


Second & Third Page - Classmates


You can use the following pictures to create two pages all about your Year 6 classmates.

Fourth Page - Teachers


Use this page to write the names of all of the teachers you have had at St. Paul's.


Here is a picture of Miss Booth and Mrs Booth to use on this page if you would like.


Fifth Page - My Proud Moments


Finish the sentences in the frames to explain your proud moments.

These can be from your whole time at St. Paul's.



Sixth Page - Memories


Write your favourite memory of St. Paul's in each cloud. 


Seventh Page - My Favourite Things


Complete the following boxes to remember your favourite things when you left primary school.


I wonder if you will look back at this book in a few years time and like the same things.


Photo Pages


Use your photos below to add memories into your Leavers' book.