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This term we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt.


One of our favourite lessons was turning each other into mummies!



We had some amazing project books this term and we saw some amazing models.


Have a look:



                                                   Leylah Netton                                                                                Emily Tennant



Why was living near the River Nile ideal for the Ancient Egyptians?


This term we also visited the museum to have a look at the Ancient Egyptians.


We took part in a workshop and we were able to learn even more about the Egyptians.




We created a human timeline to see how long ago it was that the Ancient Egyptian civilisation was around and it was a VERY, VERY LONG TIME AGO!



We then got a chance to show off our mummification knowledge and look at some mummification hieroglyphics.




One of our favourite parts of the trip was visiting the life-like tomb in the museum and seeing a real life mummy!