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High School Transition

On this page, I will add any transition information or activities I receive from all of your high schools.


Task 1


Try to find out how far your new high school is from where you live.

Discuss with your parents/carers about how you will get to high school.

Will you walk? Will you go on your bike? Will you go in the car? Will you get the bus?


Why don't you try a few practice journeys, so that you are confident on how to get there before you start.

Task 2


Discuss with you parents about what you will do for dinner at high school.


Each high school will have a different method for how to buy school dinners.

Some have a card; others use a fingerprint system.


Look at their website to find out how they do it.


You may be able to find out how much a school dinner may cost each day and the different choices they have.


You could always take a packed lunch if you prefer.



Task 3


Have a look into the new school uniform you will need for high school.

Will you have to buy it from a specific shop? Can you get any of it from the supermarkets?


Look at the high school websites to find out what you will need and to see the rules they have.

Are you allowed to wear any jewellery?

What haircuts are you allowed?

Can you wear trainers to school?


Don't forget to look into buying your P.E kit too!


*As some of you will be growing a lot over Summer, don't be worrying if you haven't bought your uniform yet!

Other Transition Resources


BBC Bitesize are offering lots of support to help you prepare for high school too.