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In our geography lessons we will be looking at compass points and how to use these to help you move around. People use these compass points to navigate so they don't get lost and find places all around the world. 

Task 1

These are compass points and a picture of a real compass.

What do the letters stand for? Answers are underneath the pictures – try to have a go before looking.





N = north

NE = north east

E = east

SE = south east

S = south

SW = south west

W = west

NW = north west


Task 2

Play a game! Ask an adult to hide something in a room in your house. Using the compass points find the hidden object. Make the the wall of you window north so you always know where north is!


Task 3

Practice the compass point more on the following activity. If you can’t print, ask an adult to help you make your own up or try look at the screen and write you answers on a spare piece of paper.