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Friday 9th October


A complex sentence = a main clause + a subordinate clause. 

A main clause will make sense by itself.

E.g My mum is taking me to buy new shoes.


A subordinate clause will not make sense on its own. 

E.g After she picks me up from school.


Together they make a complex sentence = My mum is taking me to buy new shoes, after she picks me up from school.



Can you use one of these subordinate conjunctions to make these simple sentences into a complex ones?


Subordinate conjunctions

After, although, because, before, as, even , if, since,

 though, that, unless, until, when, whenever, where,

 wherever, whether, which, while, who, why.


1. I was eating dinner. 

2. That light bulb needs changing. 

3. The old, dusty car crashed into the wall. 

4. My brother gets on my nerves. 

5. The stars glittered in the sky.