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Friday 8th January

Friday 8th January

LO: To know how to write a summary. 


We have now read the first chapter of 'The Iron Man'. 

What did you think? 

What was the main event? 

Who is the main character? 


Today we are going to be writing a summary of the first chapter. Do you remember what a summary is? 

A summary is a short statement or paragraph of the main points. 

In our case, this means a short paragraph of the main events in the first chapter. 


Here are a few main points: 

  • The Iron Man appeared at the top of the cliff. 
  • He stepped off the cliff. CRASH! All his body parts scattered down onto the rocky beach. 
  • Two seagulls flew over the beach and noticed one of Iron man's eyes. 


To find the 3 bullet points above, I re-read through the first few pages (11-13) and picked out the main points - things I thought were important to remember. 



Re-read pages 11-18. Add 3 bullet points onto the 3 above stating the key points over the next few pages. When you have finished your 6 bullet points, please can you write a short paragraph about these 6 points. This will be your summary of the first chapter.