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Friday 22nd January

Friday 22nd January

LO: To be able to write our independent piece.



Before we write our final piece, I would like you to have a quick check through your 3 paragraphs to see if you have included:

Everything from the success criteria

Capital letters

A range of punctuation 

I would also like you to check your spellings. 


Finally, read through your 3 paragraphs to check that it flows and makes perfect sense!

Here are my 3 paragraphs that I have checked and perfected!



You have wrote all 3 of your paragraphs over the last 3 days. Can you now put all 3 paragraphs together today to complete your story? Copy each paragraph out neatly so that all of your story is together. 


Make sure you use your neatest handwriting and leave a line between paragraphs.


Here is mine... 


Can you draw a front cover to go with your story? 

The front cover should include your main character and the chosen planet!

I can't wait to see!