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Friday 22nd January


Today, please ask an adult to test you on this week's spelling rule - words that contain the letter string 'ough'.

(You can do this on any piece of paper at home.)


Don't forget the rule we have been practising:


There are 7 different sounds for the spelling rule 'ough'.


1. The first way is like 'uff' in the word rough.


2. The second way is like 'ow' in the word plough.


3. The third was is like 'oa' in the word dough.


4. The fourth way is like 'off' in the word cough.


5. The fifth way is like 'aw' in the word bought.


6. The sixth way is like 'oo' in the word through.


7. The seventh way is like 'uh' in the word thorough.




1. rough

2. roughly

3. plough

4. ploughed

5. dough

6. doughnut

7. though

8. coughed

9. thought

10. nought

11. thoughtful

12. borough

13. fought

14. brought

15. throughout

16. breakthrough

17. snowplough

18. thoroughbred

19. toughen

20. thoughtfulness


Good luck! smiley