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Friday 22nd January 2021

LO: To know how to write a non-fiction text about Toys.


Today we are going to put everything we have learnt together in one piece of work.


For our non-fiction text we need a title, some pictures and some facts.


Can you remember how we start all our sentences about old toys? Did you make some actions for them yesterday?


That's right: In the past


Watch this video to get you started.

Title and fact

Still image for this video

Now write the title and first fact.

Can you use a better word than big? Which word did you use on Wednesday?




Can you write our next fact? Can you remember what else we said about hoops in the past?


Watch this video to help you.

Fact #2

Still image for this video

Well done!

If you would like to write some more facts about toys in the past, you can do!

We have written about scooters, marbles, dolls and lots of other toys from our book. What can you remember about them?


Next, write a fact about your toys. Start with: My toys.


Watch this video to help you.

My toys fact.

Still image for this video

Now, draw your pictures to show what old toys look like and what your toys look like.


Well done, you've written a non-fiction text!

Does it look like Mr Charlton's?

Final piece

Still image for this video
You can also complete page 12 of your English Comprehension book. Read the sentence and colour the picture correctly.