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Possessive Plural Nouns: Complete the Sentence Apostrophes with Plural Nouns

Complete the sentences below by changing the singular noun into a plural possessive noun.

Be careful to place the possessive apostrophe correctly.



  1. The                                 roars filled the air as they all flew through the sky. (Noun: dragon)
  2. During the flight, the                                        suitcases were stored in the hold. (Noun: pilot)
  3. In Autumn, the                                      leaves change colour as the weather becomes colder. (Noun: tree)
  4. In the kitchen, the chef prepared the                                                                                                   meals. (Noun: guest)
  5. The                                 football kits were all hung up in the changing room. (Noun: boy)
  6. Everybody ate lots of cake at the                                                                                       party. (Noun: child)
  7. The                                 hair was washed and brushed ready for the pageant. (Noun: horse)
  8. At night, the friendly                                        wails echoed through the haunted house. (Noun: ghost)
  9. The                                 wool was used to make lots of different items of clothing. (Noun: sheep)
  10. The                                 necks craned upwards to reach the juicy leaves. (Noun: giraffe)