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Friday 15th January 2021

LO: To write repetitive sentences comparing the past and present.


In our non-fiction book: Toys, it tells us about toys in the past. The past means that they are not the same now.

Look at these pictures of toys.




What is the same?   Write some ideas down on a piece of paper.

What is different?   Write some ideas down on a piece of paper.


Look at the sentences below, can you read them using your phonics?


In the past toys were made of wood.

Today toys are made of plastic.


Listen to Mr. Charlton reading the sentences, did you get them right?


Can you find any toys at home that are plastic?



Finish these sentences about toys.

These words might help you.



Can you write this sentence? Listen to Mr. Charlton’s sentence and use the words above to help you, you can use your phonics to spell the rest of the words.

Look for the first sound in the word you need to find it.



Can you write your own sentences for toys in the past and toys today?

You can download the work here.

Please complete page 39 of your CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.