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Friday 16th October

Friday 16th October 2020

LO: to understand expanded noun phrases. 



Answer the questions using your knowledge from this weeks grammar

lessons. Go back if you need a little reminder.  


1a. Improve the sentence below using two adjectives: spotty, bouncy, excited, large. 

The dog was playing with his ball. 


1b. Improve the sentence below using two adjectives: funny, giggly, clever, loud. 

The clown was juggling with his yellow clubs. 


2a. How has the noun in this sentence been expanded? 

She loved looking at her fresh, bright flowers. 


2b. How has the noun in this sentence been expanded? 

He loved listening to the loud, exciting music. 


3a. Mia is underlining the expanded noun phrase. 

The creepy, old house sat on the hillside. 

Is she correct or incorrect? Why? 


3b. Mo is underlining the expanded noun phrase. 

My shiny, new coat was dropped on the floor. 

Is he correct or incorrect? Why? 


4a. Write a short paragraph about your two weeks at home. Make sure you include AT LEAST 

5 expanded noun phrases!