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Friday 16th October 2020

Friday 16th October 2020


L.O: To know how to use adjectives, prepositions, verbs or adverbs.


This week we have looked at using adjectives, prepositions, verbs and adverbs. Have a look at my setting description below. Can you decide whether to add adjectives, prepositions, verbs or adverbs into my description? Use the word mats and links to The Oak Academy from earlier in the week to help you if you are struggling.


The ________ moon shines ______ over the ______ cave. _____________ the moon is a ___________ woolly mammoth with cave baby on his _______ back. Cave baby enjoys ____________ happily as they journey through the Stone Age. They see a _____________ hare bounding _________ _____________ the leaves that are covered in ___________ blackberries. As they enter the cave, Cave baby sees lots of paintings _____________ the wall that show lots of ______________ animals and scriptures.