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Friday 15th January


Today, we are going to write the opening of our news report about Romeo and Juliet's tragic deaths.


In class, we would start by creating a plan, so that you would have some ideas about what to write.


Here is a picture of the plan we would have used in class.

Please write your plan ideas on a piece of paper before you start writing your opening as this will make it easier for you - you don't need to print this plan out.



Your headline needs to be short and eye-catching, but tells you what the newspaper report is about.


Your first paragraph will need to answer the 5Ws. Let's think about your answers to the 5W questions:


Who died at the end of the play?

What happened to them?

Where did they die?

When did they die?

Why did they die?


Your second paragraph will need to explain about the beginning of the story, explaining about the Montagues and Capulets having an ancient grudge.


Here is my WAGOLL plan:

(You can magpie some of my ideas to help you if you are stuck.)



After you have come up with your ideas for your opening, I would like you to find a lined piece of paper and write your headline in capital letters at the top.


Underneath your headline, please draw a line in pencil down the middle of your page to create 2 columns like in a newspaper.


Then you can start to write your first paragraph about your 5Ws.

Think about which order you would should write them in, so that it flows and makes sense. 

(I would start with a time opener, so would start with my when idea.)


Once you are happy with your 5Ws paragraph, then write your second paragraph about the family feud.


Don't forget to leave 3 finger spaces when you start each paragraph. 


Here is my WAGOLL to help you:




Once you have finished writing your opening, please check over your work for any spelling or punctuation errors.


Try reading your opening to someone at home to check it makes sense and reads well.