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Friday 15th January

Friday 15th January:

LO: To write our polished piece. 


Today we are going to be writing our polished piece using the plan we made yesterday. I am going to show you exactly how I wrote each paragraph using our box plan alongside the success criteria. 


Read the 3 powerpoint slides below. I have highlighted my success criteria every time I have completed something on there. You will be able to see where I have used them as I have highlighted them in the same colours! 



READ through my annotated powerpoint slide below.


We are now going to write up our polished piece. All you need to do is COPY my story onto one of your pieces of lined paper. You CAN edit the sections that I have highlighted, for example, changing Max's name to your own name. I have also highlighted some adjectives which you can change if you like.


Make sure you KEEP this piece of paper as you will need it to help you next week! REMEMBER - All you need to do is COPY my story. 

Here it is...