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Friday 15th January

Friday 15th January


LO: To be a prime number detective and help solve the puzzle.


This week we have been learning all about prime numbers and factors. If you are finding it a little bit tricky, don't worry. Try watching some of these short clips of You Tube to help you understand it a little bit more. 


Prime numbers:


Today's learning:

Watch the BBC Bitesize video below to recap your knowledge of prime numbers.


We would like you to use your amazing knowledge of factors and prime numbers to have a go at solving the puzzle below.

Write your answers on your squared paper, you don't need to print the sheet.


You can use this prime number square to support your learning.



For today's challenge (if you choose to accept) we would like to solve the mystery. You can make jottings on your spare paper as you go along, but you don't need to print anything.

Will you solve the mystery?


WOW - Did you solve the mystery?

Check you got the correct saboteur by clinking below.



Today's game is called number diving, we hope you enjoy playing it.