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Year 5's journey to the Amazon Rainforest


Last term we visited the Amazon Rainforest in school!





We tested our knowledge on everything that we have learnt so far on the Amazon.


Can you challenge your family with the questions?


1. What country is the majority of the Amazon Rainforest located in?


2. What continent is the Amazon Rainforest in?


3. What is the capital of Brazil?


4. What is the word for the process in which humans chop down trees?


5. How many species of macaw are there?


6. Name a country (apart from Brazil) that the Amazon Rainforest grows in.


7. How many members are there of the Yanomami Tribe in the rainforest?


8. What is the name of the top layer of the rainforest?



This term we have been on a journey exploring the mighty Amazon Rainforest.


We have been using our map skills to locate the Amazon Rainforest and name the countries that the rainforest is in.



We have also been looking at the layers of the rainforest and what different creatures live in each layer.