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St Paul's C of E Primary School

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Please ask a grown up to mark your answers or mark your own in a different colour.


1. Sara is angry to find Becky asleep in her room. - False

Sara feels sorry for Becky. - True

Sara wakes Becky up so she won't get into trouble. - False

Becky's cap is falling off her head. - True

(1 mark for all four correct)


2. small, dingy figure

(1 mark for all or most of the phrase)


3. She is kind.

(1 mark)


4. a piece of coal

(1 mark)


5. confusion

(1 mark)


6. e.g. Because she thinks she'll be in trouble for falling asleep.

(1 mark for any sensible answer)


7. e.g. Sara will comfort Becky.

(1 mark for a sensible answer which mentions one event)


e.g. Sara will comfort Becky and then promise not to tell anyone that she found her asleep.

(2 marks for a sensible answer which mentions two events)