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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference



Please ask a grown up to mark your answers or mark your own in a different colour.


1. There is a tiger behind you !

Tigers are a species of cat .

1 mark for both correct.


2. politician 1 mark

    attention 1 mark


3.          consequential 1 mark

     essential 1 mark

racial 1 mark


4. In the morning, I love to eat cornflakes. 1 mark

Penguins dance in a funny way. 1 mark

My mum keeps a secret stash of chocolate under the sink. 1 mark


5. For the party, I need to buy:

 * balloons

* one hat

       * a pineapple

2 marks for all 3 correct bullet points, otherwise 1 mark for any 2 correct.


6. Ameera is usually later for the train, so she hurries to the station and jumps on board.

She often forgets her lunch and leaves it at home.

Her mum sometimes drives her instead.

At least she doesn't have to rush on those days, unless she wakes up late. 

4 marks for all 8 words correctly rewritten in the present tense, otherwise 1 mark for every 2 words correctly rewritten.