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LEARNING to make a difference

9th February 2021

For today's art we are going to be mixing colours to make more colours.


You can share your picture on Google Classroom on Friday when we open the stream to share our work.


From red, blue and yellow you can make lot of different colours. 

Red, blue and yellow are called primary colours and when we mix them we get lots of different colours.


Watch the video below to see how to mix pencil crayons, crayons and some other things. If you have paint at home, this works best.

Have a go at mixing two of our primary colours together.

What colour do you get if you mix:

Red and Blue

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Red

Blue and Red

Yellow, Red and Blue.


Then use your colours to make a picture of Elmer like the ones we made in school.

How to mix crayons - Beginner Tutorial - 3 color rainbow

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