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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

7th January 2021






LO: To add a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number.


Today we are going to add numbers using chips and peas. Tell your adult what chips and peas are.

 Can you remember we use these to help work out calculations.


We use chips to represent tens and peas to represent ones.




To work out 24 + 5 =

We can draw chips and peas to work it out like this:




First draw chips and peas to represent the numbers.






Then add your tens, then add your ones.




Now have a go at these using chips and peas to work them out.




16 + 3 =                           61 + 7 =

25 + 4 =                           42 + 6 =

31 + 8 =                            33 + 5 =