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6th January 2021

Wednesday 6th January 2021


LO: To know the difference between non-fiction and fiction texts.


Watch this video to help you find out what non-fiction means:


If you would prefer, you can download the work here: 

Fiction or Nonfiction

Non-fiction books are real, they tell us facts.

Fiction books are not real, they tell us stories.


Q: Can you sort these into fiction and non-fiction?





Here is a non-fiction book about toys in the past.




Q: Do you notice anything about the toys in the pictures?

Pre-cursive writing - Set 2 - Ladder letters

Let’s practice some of our letters so we can write labels for some pictures.


Watch this video and practice writing our ladder letters using some paper, or the lines below.


We are going to write some words about these pictures. If you can print them, please do so. If not, you can draw the pictures and write underneath.




Challenge: Can you write a sentence about these things?

Complete Pages 2 and 3 from your CGP workbook 'Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling'.