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St Paul's C of E Primary School

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LEARNING to make a difference

22nd January

SpellingContinue with your spelling list and look at the last 4 words on the list. Choose another one you have found tricky to spell and practise that one too.



Please read and practise spelling:


























When you have practised spelling these words have a go at writing a sentence using each of the words in your workbook and practise your cursive handwriting.


E.g. My parents help me with my home learning.




Reading - In your pack is a Comprehension workbook. Please complete page 16 ‘Our Solar System’.




Grammar –  Complete page 10 in your CPG Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.




Anansi The Spider

LO: To know how to plan my own version of the Anansi story using a story map.



Today we are going to plan our own version of the Anansi story.

We are going to change some of the characters in the story.


Have a think about what other animals could have put Anansi in danger.


What other animals live in Africa?


Here are a few examples for you to write in your workbook:

Lion, tiger, elephant, eagle, flamingo.

Can you think of anymore to add to the list?


Once you have done this, you will draw a story map to plan your own version. Remember you are only changing two of the characters and maybe the place where they put Anansi in danger.


Here is the start of my story map.


I have changed the fish to a flamingo and I am going to change the falcon to an elephant.

You can borrow my ideas or you can choose your own.