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LEARNING to make a difference

19th January

SpellingContinue with your spelling list and look at the next 5 words.


Please read and practise spelling:


























When you have practised spelling these words have a go at writing a sentence using each of the words.

E.g. I should help my Mum with the chores.




Handwriting – In your pack you will find handwriting practise sheets for the first 100 high frequency words. Complete the next sheet starting with ‘his’.




Reading - In your pack is a Comprehension work book. Please complete page 13 ‘How to make a bird feeder’.




Grammar –  Complete page 8 in your CPG Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.


Anansi The Spider

LO: To know how to generate questions about the story and answer them.



Read up to page 8 again.


Can you remember the question words we used yesterday?

What, who, where, when, how, why.


Today we are going to ask questions about the story and answer them too.

First talk to your adult about what has happened so far. Who are the characters? What happened at the beginning?


Your task is to generate questions about the story.

For example: Who saw that Anansi was in trouble?


Remember to end your sentence with a question mark as it is a question sentence.


Then you will answer the question, which needs to be a full sentence.

For example, See Trouble saw that Anansi was in trouble.


Your answer is a statement sentence, so you will end the sentence with a full stop.


Here is another example:

What did Stone Thrower do to help Anansi? (question)

Stone Thrower threw a large stone at Falcon so he would drop Anansi. (answer)


Now you have a go, try to write at least 3 questions and answers.


Remember, capital letters at the start of your sentences and for names and question marks and full stops at the end of your sentences.


If it’s a question use a ?.

If it’s a statement sentence use a .

Don’t forget to read back your sentences to check they make sense.