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St Paul's C of E Primary School

Heathside Grove

LEARNING to make a difference

18th January

SpellingContinue with your spelling list and look at the next 5 words.


Please read and practise spelling:



























When you have practised spelling these words have a go at writing a sentence using each of the words.

E.g. I have worked hard to improve my reading.




Handwriting – In your pack you will find handwriting practise sheets for the first 100 high frequency words. Complete the next sheet starting with ‘she’.




Reading - In your pack is a Comprehension work book. Please complete page 12 ‘Plum’.




Grammar –  Complete page 13 in your CPG Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.






Anansi The Spider


LO: To know how to generate questions to ask characters from the text.





We are going to be reading a new story over the next 2 weeks.

This story is a well-known story in Ashanti Land in Africa.

In this story we meet a spider family.


Read pages 1 to 13.

See bottom of page.


Make a list of the characters in your workbook.


If you met the characters, what questions would you ask them?

When we ask questions, we use certain words.

Can you think of any?


Question words: Who, what, where, when, why, how are the main ones we use when asking questions.

Choose 3 of the characters from the book and draw a picture of them with their name and a question you would ask.



            Stone Thrower  

                                                                                         Why did you throw a stone at Falcon?

                                                                                         What did you do when Falcon fell from the sky?




 If you can, write 2 questions for each of the characters you choose and do not forget to put a question mark (?) at the end of each question instead of a full stop. Remember capital letters at the start of your sentences and also for the names of the characters.