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LEARNING to make a difference

11th January

SpellingContinue with your spelling list and look at the next 5 words.


Please read and practise spelling:



























When you have practised spelling these words have a go at writing a sentence using each of the words.

E.g. I am young but my Grandma is old.




Handwriting – In your pack you will find handwriting practise sheets for the first 100 high frequency words. Complete the next sheet starting with ‘he’.




Reading - In your pack is a Comprehension work book. Please complete page 6 ‘Get Well Soon’.




Grammar –  Complete pages 2 and 3 in your CPG Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.




This half-term our topic is ‘Africa’ and the book we will be reading is called ‘Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain’.

Can you remember what a plain is? Yes, it is a large area of flat land with very few trees. This is where the story takes place.


Look at the front cover and tell your adult what you can see.


This picture is of a plain and a plain needs rain to help the grass, trees and other plants grow.

Look at the picture on slide 5. This is the same place. What is different in the second picture?


Yes, the grass is all brown and dried up. Can you remember the word we looked at last week that means there has been no rainfall for a while? That’s right it is drought.


Look at the front cover again and think about what might happen in the story. Talk to your adult and tell them what you think might happen after looking at both pictures of the same place.

For example, I wonder why the grass is no longer green. I think there has been no rain for a while in the second picture. I wonder why there are no animals in the second picture.


The man on the front cover is called Ki-Pat and he is the main character.


Your task is to predict what might happen in the story.


What might his job be? What is he doing on the plain? Where have all the animals gone? How could Ki-Pat bring rain to the plain?


E.g of a prediction:

I predict there will be a drought and the animals will leave to find food and water somewhere else.

I think Ki-Pat will help the rain to come to the plain and the animals will come back.

What do you think will happen?

Record your predictions in your work book.