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LO: To compare and order 3 numbers within 20.


Warm Up:

Can you count between 0 and 20, starting with the smallest to greatest and then greatest to smallest?

Count again and put your hand up every time you say a teen number (like 13). How many are there?


6,  11,  18,  9,  20

Which is the smallest number?

Which is the greatest?


Complete these:

12 < ____

16 > ____

1 ten and 7 ones = ______




Next, follow this lesson with Miss Charlton from Oak Academy.

You will need: a pencil and paper – you can use the squared paper in the book in your home learning.

You can also use your number line to help you.




Finally, complete pages 16 and 17 in your blue CGP Key Stage One Maths Book.