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LO: To know how to compare numbers to 20.


Warm Up

  1. Count from 0 – 20, then from 20 – 0.
  2. How fast can you count to 20? Be careful not to miss any numbers!
  3. Count back from 19 to 7.
  4. Count from 3 to 18.


Sunny and the Boy have some sweets.



  • Who has the least sweets?
  • Who has the most sweets?



Watch this video on comparing numbers and follow the lesson along.

Aut1.12.2 - Compare numbers

Here are the questions you need to complete, you can write the answers on paper.

Remember: greater means bigger, less means smaller.



Next, complete pages 12 and 13 of the blue CGP ‘Key Stage One: Maths’ book.